Collaborative Research Center


Collaborative Research Center (CRC) was established in April 2007 in order to support publication of research results and products to the public and to collaborate with both the domestic and international communities.

Director: Satoshi KATONO, Ph.D


International Affairs

SCU has academic and educational agreements with four universities abroad. The four universities are Chengde Medical College (China), Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University (China), Huafan University (Taiwan), University of Lapland (Finland). The agreements cover the exchange of faculty & students, publications and promotion of collaborative research.


Continuing Education

Every year, SCU organizes about 10 programs of continuing education for both general citizens and professionals. The faculties of Design and Nursing present updated and rewarding lectures based on their research for the professionals who are working in the actual field.

Collaboration with Region

As SCU was founded by Sapporo City, it is expected to react and respond to the community’s needs and problems. We are ready to do our best, utilizing our research results and know-how to solve such issues. We are willing to present our results (seeds) to industries and local government so that the research results can help the local economy and the community.
Also, students join community activities on voluntary basis to practically apply their knowledge within the community.

Publications and Assistance of Research

SCU publishes the SCU Journal of Design & Nursing each year to present research results. From 2011 on, CRC will present an “Activies Report” on its web site. CRC also supports our faculty’s research in matters regarding patents and ethics.