Fundamental Nursing


In Fundamental Nursing, a student nurse studies attitude and behavior through academic experience. Furthermore, a foundation of personal relations is also emphasized. The course focuses on fundamental skills and expert knowledge required for essential life activities, utilizing the educational grid (vertical axis of professional skills and knowledge, horizontal axis of personal growth). The goals are to provide the practical nursing skills.

Fundamental Nursing

Research Interests

  • Development of a FD Program Model for Safety Nursing Clinical Practicum
  • Evaluation of Practical Courses of Study Incorporating Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
  • he effect to elderly people’s mind and body which greenhouse environment brings about
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  • ・Wakako SADAHIRO Professor
  • ・Atsuko HINOTSU Professor
  • ・Akiko HIYAMA Associate Professor
  • ・Kikuko TAKETOMI Senior Assistant Professor
  • ・Junko MITOBE Senior Assistant Professor
  • ・Miwa YOSHIDA Assistant Professor
  • ・Yoko TAKAHASHI Research Associate
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