Adult Nursing


Adult Nursing mainly focuses on the understanding of health problems such as injuries and disabilities of adults. Emphasis is placed on nursing skills to promote recovery in post-op and rehabilitation settings. Providing support to patients returning to normal life, as well as patients in the end of life style, are some of the key subjects in adult nursing.

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Research Interests

Study on nurse’s adaptability to work
environments and the development of support programs
Study on prevention of complications among diabetes, focusing on nutritional management
Study on critical/emergency nurses’ work experiences


  • Mikiko KAWAMURA Professor
  • Takeshi UNOKI Professor
  • Kazumi ODA Professor
  • Miki SUGAWARA Associate Professor
  • Mizue FUJII Associate Professor
  • Kyoko KUDO Senior Assistant Professor
  • Seiko YAMADE Senior Assistant Professor
  • Tomoki KURIBARA Assistant Professor
  • Wakana SAI Assistant Professor
  • Kengo HIRAYAMA Assistant Professor