School of Nursing


Classes and Courses

Educational Goals

For better human relationships

Through practical teaching and experience, students acquire a richer human nature, and learn the skills of ethical decision-making and communication, which provide a sense of security to other people.

For the protection of patients’ rights and safe health-care

Students learn how to protect the rights of patients being nursed according to the level of their health, and their stage in life. They also develop the skills of safe health-care required in various medical practices, such as nursing in hospitals or other facilities, home nursing and community nursing.

Towards nursing practices based on scrupulous judgment and problem-solving ability

Students learn to pass scrupulous judgment and solve problems, based on close observation and scientific knowledge. They develop the nursing skills based on these abilities, through actual experiences.

Towards cooperation between public health and medical care teams

Students investigate public health, health-care and welfare from a human-oriented point of view. They learn how to collaborate and work together with other health workers, and learn the roles assigned to nurses as coordinators of the working teams.

Towards self-improvement skills for problem solving

In order to tackle and solve problems with independence and creativity, students continually develop self-improvement capabilities.

For the future,

In order to tackle and solve problems with clinical nursing (hospitals, medical facilities, etc)
welfare nursing (welfare institutions or facilities)
home nursing (home nursing stations, etc.)
administrative nursing (health centers, etc.)

Potential Qualification

Graduated of the schools are qualified to take national nursing and national public health nurse examinations.



Fundamental Nursing

Nursing Management

Pediatric Nursing

Adult Nursing

Maternal Nursing

Gerontological Nursing

Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing

Home Healthcare Nursing

Community Health Nursing

Faculties in School of Nursing(Jananese)