Home Healthcare Nursing


Study of Home Healthcare Nursing prepares students to practice evidence based professional home healthcare hursing in a home setting where many patients prefer to stay and continue to receive necessary care. Students acquire the following knowledge and skills; home healthcare hursing theories, home healthcare hursing skills, and family-support techniques. Deepening the understanding for healthcare systems including medicine, social welfare, and healthcare policies of the homecare environment, is also other major objective.

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Research Interests

  • Relationship between ADL and falls among the community dwelling elderly
  • Survey on elderly living alone in Yubari City
  • Development of a support system for the elderly in Yubari City
  • Survey on QOL of patients with multiple sclerosis
  • Survey on homecare nurses: contributing factors to motivation


  • Hiromi KIKUCHI Professor
  • Nami TAKAHASHI Associate Professor
  • Yuki SAKAMOTO Assistant Professor