Master’s Program


Curriculum schedule


Aim of Education

Graduate School of Nursing will foster researcher and educator who will develop nursing science. We will apply them with the broad viewpoint and the foundation in nursing, in addition to ones’ own speciality and deepened knowledge. We also will foster advanced and specialized personel and will contribute to every range of regional society and various nursing practice. At our program, the students can obtain abilities

  • To carry out the advanced clinical nursing practice with accuracy, precision and creativity
  • To analyze, decide, act and evaluate based on elevated ethic in the area of specialized nursing area
  • To collaborate with the other professionals and integrate and manage for the future prospect of nursing
  • To challenge the health promotion in Snow Coverage and Cold Districts.

Research fields/qualifications

Field Area Specialized department
Practical Nursing Community Health Nursing Public Health Nursing/
Home Healthcare Nursing*/Gerontological Nursing
Maternal & Child Health Nursing Maternal Nursing/Child Health Nursing*
Adult Nursing Acute Illness Nursing*/
Chronic Nursing/Oncology Nursing*
Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing*
Nursing Skills Nursing Skills
Nursing Management Nursing Education & Nursing Management Nursing Education/Nursing Management

Specialized Departments with an asterisk (*) also have certified nurse specialist (CNS) courses. Students who have completed CNS courses are qualified to take the examination for certification of nurse specialists. Students who have completed the study of nursing management in the area of Nursing Education & Management are qualified to take the examination for certification of Certified Nurse Administrator. To be qualified to take these examinations, students are also required to have a public health nurse, midwife or registered nurse license and have completed a certain period of practical training.


Master of Nursing

Note: Students who obtain a Master of Nursing degree are expected to play active roles in the following positions:

  • -Advanced professionals
  • -Nursing managers
  • -Researchers/educators, etc.

Research support funds for graduate students

Research support funds for graduate students are provided to students in the Program. The funds may be used for participation in academic conferences, obtaining references and other expenses necessary in the process of preparing master’s theses.

Outline of the Curriculum

Outline of the Curriculum


Syllubus (Japanese)


Faculties in Master Program

Faculties in Master Program(Japanese)